Dragonkin of acceptional power for his level


Hp 117

ac 20

initiative +3

speed 40, 50(good)

str 20

dex 16

con 18

int 10

wis 16

cha 16

Ba / grapple 11/6 / 20

fort + 12 ref + 8 will + 11

greatsword +13/+8 (3d6+7) 19-20×2

longsowrd +16/+11 (2d6+9) 19-20×2 +1d6 holy

warhammer +17/+12 (2d8+10) 19-20×3

claw + 8 (1d6+5)


a bit of a loner as he does poorly with people, he has recently been moved by mysterious forces from his ancestral home to aid in the conflict of shadowscape. His skills are quite typical of a dragonkin, rage being his most powerful driver and using magic to his advantage. He has recently obtained much knowledge in the ancient god Paulsalto and has obtained many powerful items such as his +2 greatsword of disruption and the Mask of madness. Should he succeed in resolving the conflict in shadowscape he may return to his homeland as a changed individual, his story will be told as it unfurls.


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