Baroness Edara

Guildmaster of Equal Dominion


Edara is currently the foremost tactical assassin and field contact for paulsalto. She prefers hand to hand combat and has been known to rip through her opponents with her bare hands. She does, however, keep some oversized throwing spikes handy in case of a firefight… but where she keeps them in her tight fitted robe we’ll never know.

Lvl. 12 shadow caster lvl 5 monk

HP: 108 Ac: 13

Fort: +10 Ref: +10 Will: +12

Str:+5 Dex: +2 Dex: +2 Int: +1 Cha: +1 Con: +0 Wis: +3

BAB: +10/+5

Languagescommon, undercommon, infernal, abyssal

Specials & Feats

Stunning fist, Deflect arrows, Power attack, Run, Improved trip, Improved sunder, Improved disarm, Improved critical (unarmed), Combat expertise, Blind fight, Flurry of Blows, Unarmed strike, Evasion, Fast Movement, Still mind, Ki strike, Slow fall 20 ft, Purity of body, Shadow meld, Clever strike, Dispel shadows (3/day), Greater shadow blade (unknown), Steal shadow (1/day), starless walker


10 lvl 1, 7 lvl 2, 4 lvl 3, and 2 special lvl


Unarmed: +15/+10 1d8+5 (19-20/X2 critical)

Huge Bo Shuriken: +8/+3 2d6 (X2 critical)


Edara’s unfailingly cold demeanor is thought by some to be a defense mechanism from some past emotional trauma, but never thought aloud while she’s anywhere nearby. Those who know her, however, know that it stems from a deep professional pride and makes her task- erasing anyone who openly opposes Paulsalto- much easier. She is several years Reilan’s senior and is much stronger than him. She never encouraged or asked his affection, but he gives it nonetheless. Though she does not humor him, neither does she turn him away outright.

She is confused by Reilan’s outright moral code and lack of professionalism, but she is still known to keep his company from time to time. When she isn’t doing fieldwork, she is often employed doing menial labor for Melindra. Her guild is powered by a relentless sense of purpose and duty, so she is never forced to be an active leader.

Her race is unknown but presumably some isolated species found somewhere within the shadowscape. She has glossy blue fur over her entire body, long nails, maroon hair, and the inate ability to look good in dark colors.

Baroness Edara

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