Baron Reilan

Guildmaster of Third Light


Reilan is one of Paulsalto’s foremost fiend-slayers. His shadow weapons are dual katars, but he also uses shuriken from time to time. When he has been commissioned to eliminate a rowdy villain he has been known to carry a stygian iron katana.

Lvl. 10 shadow caster lvl 2 warrior

HP: 91 Ac: 20

Fort: +9 Ref: +5 Will: +10

Str:+2 Dex: +2 Dex: +2 Int: +4 Cha: +0 Con: +2 Wis: +3

BAB: +8/+2

Languagescommon, undercommon, elvish, draconic, celestial, abyssal

Specials & Feats

Combat Reflexes, Extra turning, Two weapon fighting, Leadership, Magical aptitude, Power attack, Silent spell, Stealthy, Shadow meld, Clever strike, Dispel shadows (3/day), Greater shadow blade (dual shadow katars), Steal shadow (1/day), starless walker


10 lvl 1, 6 lvl 2, 5 lvl 3, and 2 special lvl


Barbed shadow katars(X2): +12/+5 1d4+1+2 (X3 critical)

Barbed Shuriken of Shadowsong: +10/+3 1d4+1 (X2 critical)

Stygian Iron Katana: +12/+5 3d4+1d6 cold+2 (vorpal) [X2 dmg to chaotic foes]


Baron Reilan is the leader of one of the six guilds in the city of Shadows. (two each of neutral good, evil, and lawful) His guild’s unique spell- third light- harnesses the power of determination to reveal what is hidden and grant courage to its followers. Specifically, his job was to hunt down demons and devils that were upsetting the balance between good and evil. It was a distasteful job for him being part devil himself. He is the youngest of the guildmasters, but he is as experiences as most of them. He enjoys the company of Edara more than he’s willing to admit.

When he uses the spell “Paulsalto’s Dejection” his catch phraze is “You’ve crossed with stars, my _ friend” and he inserts some adjective that demeans his opponent somehow.

Baron Reilan

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