The Guardian

Feathersong, nimian the un-holy, and Stonespirit Leap into the air before tons of sand consume them in a tumult of glossy white death.

The newly formed basin parts as a crusty maw erupts from its sandy lair. It snatches up Feathersong in its toothy, feral embrace before he or the others can even react. Feathersong jabs at its crusty gums while his companions soar back out of reach to get a better view of their attacker.

Before them juts what, from the top, appears to be a gargantuan serpent encased in crusty, cracked plates. It has a huge, flat, bony face laced with rows of teeth embedded directly into its skull at odd angles. Its head tapers back into a bony ridge that covers both its cold, beady gray eyes and the base of its spine. It drools foul smelling acid over Feathersong as it masticates his entire form before their eyes. There is, however, one strange discrepancy to its form: its base partially embedded in the sand appears to be unprotected!

Stonespirit, upon seeing this, draws her new sword: it makes no sound as it departs its prison of polished wood except a single, pure note of approval resonating along its entire length. Without a word she draws a cloak of shadows around her and dives past the creature’s writhing head strait into the posterior of the enormous beast!

The ground erupts as several huge legs churn up the sand into a hellish vortex or sand. Pebbles and acid still spew from its maw only to rain down on the battered Stonespirit, but each time she is downed by the infernal maelstrom beneath the creature she somehow finds the strength to shadow step back. Meanwhile Nimean fires arrow upon arrow wherever he can into the beast in a frenzied attempt to free the struggling Feathersong, but to little avail. The disrupting steel, too, fails to affect the beast other than what harm the blade itself does.

It is a tough battle, but Feathersong, on an impulse, ceases to struggle. The creature, thinking him dead, swallows him and makes for Nimean, his next target. It is at that moment that Feathersong, in coordination with Stonespirit, Bursts from the beast’s esophagus and severs the Guardian’s spine. It roars in protest, but topples nonetheless. It moves no more.



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