Shadow casters

Shadow Caster

Armor Proficiency: leather or padded (all are acceptable if proficient from another class)

Weapon Proficiency: any daggers, chains, whips, or short swords

HD: D10

Bonus spell mod: intelligence

-fourth lvl spells are only accessable to players that share the alignment: evil use evil spells etc.

-the major spells are guild affiliated and can only be used by players sharing that guild and alignment.

|1|+1______|0|1|2_|shadow meld, clever strike|2||_|-|
2_______|1|1|3_|shadow blade______________|2|0|_-|-|
2_______|1|1|3_|dispel shadows 1/day______|3|1|_0|-|
3_______|2|2|4_|bonus feat________________|4|1|_0|-|
4_______|2|3|5_|Greater shadow blade______|5|2|_1|1|
4_______|3|3|5_|dispel shadows 2/day______|6|3|_2|1|
6_______|4|4|6_|bonus feat________________|7|4|3|1|
6/1____|4|4|7_|steal shadow 1/day________|8|4|_3|1|
7/2____|5|5|8_|Dispel shadows 3/day______|9|6|_4|2|
8/3____|6|6|9_|bonus feat________________|10|7|4|2|
___|6|6|9_|Steal shadows 2/day_______|10|8|_5|2|
|20|12/7/2|8|8|12|steal shadow 3/day



Shadow Bind: 3 cords of darkness; whip attacks against grapple to incapacitate

Shadow of Nothing: creates small sized shadow on target surface

Minor Shadow Step: 5 ft as a free action (similar to blink spell) this can replace another prepare spell at will, similar to summon nature’s ally. This will not provoke attacks of opportunity.

‘Cause Fear’: (see player’s handbook)

Shadow Snare: traps foe for 1d4 rounds. Must be placed in darkness. Reflex DC.

Baleful Stare: Allows you to scry from the shadows.

Phase light: dissappears for one round/caster lvl from one source.

Trick of the Light: causes foes to see what they wanted to. Spot DC.


Cloak of Shadows: as a ‘blur’ spell: 20% chance to miss as well as partial conceilment

‘Deeper Darkness’: 60 foot radius of darkness, lasts one day/ caster lvl

Emblem of the Dark: aligns item w/ shadow magic (weapons do dark dmg)

Greater Shadow Step: similar to minor shadow step, but with a 20 ft step.

‘Crushing Despair’: (See player’s handbook)

Solar Void: 5 ft/caster lvl of shadow from sunlight. cannot be countered or dismissed. Lasts one minute per caster lvl.

Dark Rift: opens extra-dimensional storage space. 1 ft2 per caster lvl.

Severing Void: creates 5’ X 8’ transparent wall.


Dark Flame: touch attack 1d8 dmg, lasts 1 round/caster lvl

Animate Shadow: replica of you with your shadow weapon (1d8 hd X caster lvl attack bonus is your caster lvl)

Shadow Leap: 1 actions, teleport 50 ft.

Swirling Darkness: 1d6 dmg to adjacent foes per round. Lasts 1 round per caster lvl.

Special LVL Spells


Third Light: Guild only. +2 bab & str mod as well as true sight 30 ft.

Shards of Diligence: Guild only. Will DC halves effects: 1d10 wisdom dmg

Paulsalto’s Dejection: on target, -4AC, -4 wis, next attack on target is similar to a coupe de grass (must have activation phraze)


Dark Domination: Guild only. Take over opponent’s mind: will save negates. Will save every minute to regain control.

Summon Shadow Drake: Guild only. size larg flying mound; 100hp, 20ac, speed 60’ flying/ 30’ walking. No attacks.

Paulsalto’s Deadly Glance: paralyze target for 1d8 rounds +1 per caster lvl. Fortitude DC negates.


Equalize Dominion: Guild only. Target changes alignment for 1 minute/ caster lvl. Cannot be negated.

Phantom Twilight: Guild only. Dims light & strengthens shadow magic as DM sees fit. example: dark dmg x1.5

Paulsalto’s Grasp: immobilizes opponent in darkness and crushes once a round as a free action. 1d10 dmg. Cannot be negated.

As many of our characters, including Baron Reilan, Baroness Edara, and Stonespirit are shadowcasters I thought I’d put up the stats for making a shadowcaster and light details on what their abilities do.

Shadow casters

Shadowscape paulsalto