Melindra, Seneschal of Neutrality

Ancient Silver Dragon; lvl 20 monk; Matriarch; ... little girl?!


Melindra is a 958 year old silver dragon. She is gargantuan, nearly colossal. Her alternate form is of a small human girl with purple dyed hair. It is her duty to regulate the shadow casters and keep them in check.


Italicized info is temporary (alternate form).

HP:609 70 Ac:4615 Spell Resistence: 30

Fort:4611 Ref:34 13 Will:48 48

Str:13 -1 Dex:3 1 Int:8 8 Con:8 1 Wis:9 9 Cha:8 8

BAB:45 Grapple:74 46

Languages: common; draconic; celestial; abyssal; infernal; undercommon; orc; dwarvish; elvish; sylvan

Specials & Feats

Feats improved grapple; power attack; mobility; dodge; snatch arrows; deflect arrows; improved trip; stunning fist; spring attack

Monk Abilities improved evasion; still mind; slow fall any distance; wholeness of body; diamond body; abundant step; diamond soul(spell resist 30); quivering palm(fort DC 29); timeless body; tongue of sun and moon; empty body; perfect self

Dragon abilities40 ft cone; 10d6 cold dmg(ref DC 23)/ 1d6+10 rounds sleep(fort DC 23); vulnerability to fire; cloud walking; immune acid&cold; featherfall; frightful presence 35; fog cloud; control weather; control winds


Unarmed!!!:(20ft) +58+58+52+46+40+34+28+22 8d8+13dmg (X2 critical)

Bite:(20ft) +58+52+46+40+34+28+22 4d6+13dmg (X2 critical)

Claws,Wings,or Tail:(15ft) +58+52+46+40+34+28+22 2d8+13dmg (X2 critical)

Crush:(0ft) 4d6+13dmg

5 dagger:(5ft/20ft) +4949+43+37+31+25+19+13 1d4+4dmg (X2 critical)

Unarmed:(5ft) +44+44+38+327+26+20+14+8 2d8-1dmg (X2 critical)


I know silver dragons are supposed to be good, but she’s had a pretty twisted upbringing (resulting in an underdeveloped alternate form). She has been Paulsalto’s legendary lover since he ascended into godhood over 9 centuries ago. Now that he slumbers she keeps the shadow casters in check. She is not yet a great wyrm – though she will be in another 42 years- she more than compensates with a complete mastery of her natural talents. She hits harder with her knuckles than with her claws!
p. She spends most of her time enjoying parties in her bastion overlooking the angel’s nest. She’s almost always disguised as a spirited little girl with purple hair and a matching yakuta… watch out though, she doesn’t need to be a dragon to knock around some unwary adventurers!

Melindra, Seneschal of Neutrality

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