Glittermist and Bloodhaze


Once bread from blink dogs, Ombre Hounds can use shadow magic to jump from place to place. When the city of shadows fell, only these two survived due to Melindra’s protection. Owing her their lives, these two will go to any length to protect her interests.

This pair of hounds is linked and may speak to each other across any distance, even between planes of the Shadowscape. They are the only creatures able to track the power of the keystones, yet they are unable to bring Melindra due to the nature of her pendant.


Lethargic and stoic, Glittermist is able to glimpse good fortune that may come to his companions.


Bubbly and energetic, Bloodhaze occasionally knows when danger approaches his party, though not what.


Glittermist and Bloodhaze

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