Melindra's Resolve

After her gleeful tirade, Melindra’s energy finally seems to decline. She slumps moodily back onto her oversized cushion. “Reilan, your bauble.”

He hurries forward and proffers an onyx bauble cased in gold and inset with a large ruby. Melindra touches her forefinger to a heart-shaped silver and black amulet before waving her hand over Reilan’s bauble. With a flash of darkness, Reilan cries out, but nothing seems to have changed visibly.

“I have laced this trinket with a shard of Reilan’s soul. It has a single use of the spell ‘third light’ stored in it. When used it will have the added benefit of summoning Reilan’s cousciousness to you. Use it wisely. Now, be off with you. I feel the weight of the centuries weighing down on me every time a new young gaggle of fools comes through demanding that which they will never receive…”

She waves her hand again while touching her amulet and a white mist fills the room. The party members feel themselves being guided downward as their surroundings dissolve to white. This time, however they feel Melindra’s reluctant presence guiding them unerringly toward their destination.

After a time, the mist thins into an eerie fog. Skeletal, leafless trees stand an eternal sigil ofer the dry, crunchy greenery underfoot sprouting from sandy blood soaked soil. A rotting mansion looms over the bare tree tops. This is the lair of the devil Gantrark.

By mutual consent, everyone readies their weapons and prepares to slay the fiend. Feathersong kicks in the old warped door and the heroes all rush in to search the main level. The dusty expanse yields nothing but decaying furniture, but a strange music screeches up from the cellars…



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