Devil Slayer

Our heroes steal silently into the dusty cellars. The music is coming from down a darkly lit hallway through another rotten door. The music has a fiercely tribal beat and a screaching instrument. The lyrics are hard to make out from so far away and defy efforts to decipher them.

Now abandoning secrecy they all rush down the hall and kick in the door, finding themselves in a stuffy flame lit room. Inside the room, the mysterious lyrics become immensely apparent. Something is screaming “Let the bodies hit the FLOOOOOOOOR!” An immense magical force throws the intruders to the ground- hard-, but on the way down they take in their surroundings. A devil satyr is standing on a raised platform with some sort of stringed instrument shaped like flames. Around him are several imps pounding haphazardly on drums. The imps and satyr stop their horrible concerto mid-beat and all the imps bare their teeth and growl as the party starts to regain their feet.

Stonespirit is the first to rise and she speaks with a nervous voice. “We’re here because you broke the treaty…”

But Feathersong cuts off her trembling voice, “We’ve come to kill you.”

Nimian states, “Asuming you, satyr, are Gantrark.”

Gantrark simply laughs and hacks at his instrument again: the resulting shock wave knocking the heroes into the moldy walls. It hurt. The party, now dazed, is scarcely able to draw their weapons before a swarm of imps is upon them. “What’s this?” Gantrark’s gravely voice demands, “I would expect someone who reeks so strongly of Reilan’s ilk would have some sort of tricks up their sleeves, but I guess this disappointment is just part of the endless torment that runt promised. Gra Ha Ha Ha!”

Just as our heroes desperately manage to route the rampaging horde of imps another wave hits. It is all they can do to resist succumbing to the weight of their numbers.

It is only with a great heave by Feathersong that a few imps topple into a heap of writhing claws and fangs. At that moment, Stonespirit remembers the bauble hanging from the Feathersong’s scaly neck!

The imps lunge again, but in the split second of lull, Shadowsong snatches the pendant from Feathersong’s imp-smeared chest and gives a desperate shout of “Third light!”

The imps draw back uncertainly as the room is bathed in a warm golden light. Reilan’s shimmering spectral form appears in the doorway behind Nemian’s immense bulk.

Gantrark utters a gutteral laugh and bellows “It’s about time you showed your scrawny vermin face, Reilan.” In an astounding display of strength and grace he leaps overhead toward Reilan.

As the light takes affect it grips Feathersong in its fierce embrace and with it guiding him he leaps upward and grasps Gantrark’s hoof in midair and slams him brutally to the ground, but not before a tiny knife spins out of his hand towards the door… it revolves twice before passing through the space lit up with Reilan’s ghostly visage.

A sigh of “Oh bugger!” escapes Reilan’s lips as his body solidifies, then collapses to the floor. Heroes and imps alike watch stunned silence as a puddle of blood spills from Reilan’s still form. The imps chatter triumphantly and redouble their efforts!

Feathersong is torn from his stupor not by the cries of his friends, but by the low chuckle released from Gantrark’s battered form as he slowly extricates himself from the cracked floorboards. His chuckle rises to a booming laughter as Feathersong’s vision goes scarlet with rage!



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