What happens in the dark.
A blog of shadowscape

A single hero finds himself wandering a small outpost. He is unsure how he got here from his warm temperate home, for it is a strange place: everyone on the street is cloaked and hooded, and none spare a friendly glance for the dragonborn warrior.

As he enters a tavern, a beautiful snake woman approaches, a friendly greeting on her lips. A couple drinks later, she informs him that the town is often raided by flying monkeys, and a heroic intervention would be more than welcome. She is not disappointed, and the monkeys are soon driven away.

After this strange encounter with the odd beasts, he sets back to the strange village only to encounter the snake woman again. This time she has a more specific request: “There is an evil gaze upon this place. Through the mountains, there is a cathedral to forgotten heathen gods. In this place a Caster of shadows resides, willing to do innocent victims harm, he must be stopped.”


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