Darkness breeds cowardice?

Upon stumbling outside through the magically enhanced darkness, our draconic hero finds himself before the stream.From behind him, the voice of the yuan-ti woman cries out in disgust. “You haven’t found the bastard?!” She is livid with rage and her fangs are bared in a feral snarl. “That one must be stopped! Come, I see I must track him for you, what a pitiful druid you are!” Bashing her way through the trees, you tentatively follow.

Soon, before you lies a solid sheet of mist. The woman states: “the nest of angels; this is not good. He intends to retreat to the city of shadows. We must hasten!”

Upon the vast solid cloud terrain there is a single peak barely visible before you. “He will hide in the shadows. Even a shadow caster must rest in this cursed hallow place. Let us slay him now while he is weak!” She sprints around the peak and you follow and… There appears to be nothing there. The woman curses in a very unladylike fassion. Before she can impose any more violent intonations upon your ears, you cast detect magic. There, near the edge of the enormous shadow of the mountain, is the silhouette of the caster. He hefts a dark great sword challengingly. You attack!

Neutrality is the Key

There is a run down cathedral across the mountains and past the forest. It is a short flight for our hero. There is a tall dark building. The rafters are visible through the collapsing roof. Rotting beams belay poor upkeep and little concern to the welfare of those who enter. About the arched doorway are several statues to a heathen god, but inside there is nothing but dark and a thin ray of light peeking tentatively through to the alter. A lone figure kneels before a single candle. His hooded eyes bore into you.

Upon charging the dark mage the entire cathedral is smothered in unnatural darkness and an all too audible chuckle rebounds off the ceiling, seeming to come from everywhere at once. “I see Aralanda has found a new pawn! The chase is on!”

With that the malignant presence lifts, light filters feebly through the old tarnished windows, but the caster is gone.

What happens in the dark.
A blog of shadowscape

A single hero finds himself wandering a small outpost. He is unsure how he got here from his warm temperate home, for it is a strange place: everyone on the street is cloaked and hooded, and none spare a friendly glance for the dragonborn warrior.

As he enters a tavern, a beautiful snake woman approaches, a friendly greeting on her lips. A couple drinks later, she informs him that the town is often raided by flying monkeys, and a heroic intervention would be more than welcome. She is not disappointed, and the monkeys are soon driven away.

After this strange encounter with the odd beasts, he sets back to the strange village only to encounter the snake woman again. This time she has a more specific request: “There is an evil gaze upon this place. Through the mountains, there is a cathedral to forgotten heathen gods. In this place a Caster of shadows resides, willing to do innocent victims harm, he must be stopped.”


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