Edara's Entrance

The shoes’ bloodlust is tangible as they hop through the lake bed. Feathersong draws his disrupting great sword and keeps them at bay by alternating who he hits, while nimian the un-holy fires upon Aralanda with his bow, but to no avail. She casts protection from arrows and laughs. Stonespirit, upon seeing her master’s new friend in peril hacks at the shoes with her shadow short sword. It is a lengthy and arduous task, but finally the shoes float in the shallows: cut to piles of rough velvet ribbons.

“Those were my favorite shoes, you half-wit buffoons! Can’t you tell I’ll just make more!? ANIMATE OB…”

Aralanda pauses and her monstrous eye bulges in fright as a very feminine form stalks out of the trees. She has maroon hair and high heeled shoes the same color as her dark blue evening gown. There is a shiny gold and onyx bauble hung from her neck and several large spikes affixed to her elegant frame under her black cloak. And yet, most noticable thing about her, even more so than the glossy black fur covering her entire body, is her unnerving predatory gaze from her silver eyes that gives a sense of ruthless purpose.

She strides forward and, without pause, showers Aralanda with an enchantment eating acid to lay waste to her wards. Then, entraps her in the bauble around her neck.

“I am Baroness Edara.” she proclaims, “You will address me as baroness, or guildmistress. I came at the request of Baron Reilan. You will now make your way back to the city of shadows to receive further briefing. I have other work to do.”

With that, she disappears in a flap of her cloak.



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